I strive to give every client my undivided attention at each session and leave you feeling as if your massage was designed specifically for you - because it was! Choose from several complimentary add-ons to customize your massage exactly how you like it.

My philosophy at Meraki Massage is to relax the body into submission, not force it. We are constantly putting our bodies through the ringer and the one thing we really don't allow them to do is relax. Whether you sit at a desk the majority of your days, spend hours on end in a vehicle or on your feet, or are just dealing with day to day aches and pains, let me help you unwind, destress, and allow your body to feel the way it was intended.



It is up to you how you choose to relax - I will not initiate conversation with you during your session, unless to check with you occasionally. I believe this is your time to relax and decompress from the hectic life you live, and the last thing you need is someone interrupting that! However, if it is more relaxing for you to talk and get to know each other during your session, that is perfectly fine and I am happy to chat or answer any questions you have! 


meet lindsey



I'm so happy you found me and I'm looking forward to working with you! I was born in raised in Cheyenne, WY and  graduated from Central High School. I spent the next few years on the traditional college route but wasn't feeling a passion for anything I was studying. From 2015-2017 I moved around the country a bit and ended up in South Boston, VA where I signed up for my massage therapy program. About half way through school I knew I wanted to work for myself in my hometown, and I was so excited to start my business that I moved back home the day after I graduated!

I started receiving massage for relaxation as a teenager and was always so amazed at how great I felt afterwards - I wanted to be that person to make others feel so good. I am passionate about self-care, total wellness, and helping my clients feel their best. Outside of work I love spending time with friends and family, preferably outdoors in the sunshine. In the warmer months I love camping and spending time on the lake with my favorite people. In the colder months I prefer to stay inside spending evenings playing board or card games, binging Netflix and attempting to bake! I have a huge sweet tooth with a preference for Oreos! :) I love getting to know my clients and I'm excited to meet you!