Signature Massage

All signature massages are tailored to meet your needs- including pressure, target areas, and technique. Swedish massage is used to increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote relaxation. 

Choose from several add-ons to enhance your session:​

  • Synergy Hot Stones (full body or back)

  • Cold Stones (face or back)

  • Sugar Scrub (feet, hands, or both)

  • Dry Brushing

  • Paraffin Treatment (feet, hands, or both)

  • Cupping- read more about cupping therapy here

  • Aromatherapy

Have a specific area that is bothering you? Maybe a catch in your neck from sleeping funny or traveling? Sore hips, legs, and feet from running or hiking?

Want to escape from daily stress and just let your body relax? Get away from life for a little while and unwind your mind.
Or maybe you want to focus on some target areas but also address the rest of your body as well?
Specialty Massages
Prenatal Massage

Complimentary to physician care, this massage is used to reduce the stresses that accompany pregnancy- overall stress, muscle tension, backaches, leg cramps, and other aches & pains associated with a mother’s changing body.

Find out more info on prenatal packages here

Chair Massage

Seated chair massage is performed while seated on an ergonomically designed chair, over clothing and without oil. This technique focuses primarily on the neck and shoulders and is a great way to fit relaxation into your busy day. Chair massage is offered in the studio or at your location.


**Please call to schedule outcalls and corporate chair massage appointments**

DoTerra Aromatouch®

The AromaTouch Technique® is the application of 8 essential oil to the back and feet. This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience. The essential oils used are Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, OnGuard, Aromatouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, and Peppermint.